Attentive.us just got the big news that they were the winners of the Caixa Capital award on Lisbon Challenge, receiving an investment of 100.000 euros. Stephan Morais, the Executive Director of Caixa Capital, that has previously invested in startups such as Uniplaces, Codacy and Unbabel, announced the winner at Fast Track Lisbon last Friday.

It’s not everyday that a Portuguese startup gets a prize of 100.000 euros… But Friday was the big day for Attentive.us, a startup that wants to provide companies with real-time information about their leads and clients. They have built a cool product that automatically integrates with CRMs from Salesforce, Hubspot and others, and then sends smart notifications about potential leads and clients to their customers. So, imagine that one of your clients is expanding to a new market or that your lead just got investment and is hiring, that is relevant information for your business that Attentive wants to provide.

During the past 2 months, the Attentive.us team has been through Lisbon Challenge, the startup accelerator from Beta-i based in Lisbon and ranked as one of the most active startup programs in Europe.

Now, with this investment from Caixa Capital, Daniel Araújo, founder and CEO wants to take Attentive.us to a whole new level. “Getting this investment from Caixa means that we can start 2016 with a focus on product and sales” says Daniel. They have big plans for the future but their main concern is getting to product-market-fit: “we have plenty of features planned, but the most important thing is making sure we’re building the product our users will love and want to use”. As soon as they get to that stage they will “start thinking of other ways our technology can be used by companies, which will unlock additional revenue streams”.

As for the 100k, Daniel admits that their main priority at the moment is using this investment for hiring: “at the moment, our team has a tech and business background, so we’re missing a product person. Also, as we get to more companies, we’ll need more support on account management and sales.” In the future, Attentive.us plans on tackling a seed round, once they generate income and have the metrics, that according to Daniel will happen in late 2016.

Attentive.us is now one more Portuguese startup on the radar… The crew is looking forward to hear what’s coming up next from this talented team.

Photo credits to: Beta-i

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