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Part of the reason why we wanted to bring Startup Ship back was because we felt like talking about Portuguese startups who were really making a difference in the world. With the Web Summit in Lisbon, we need to showcase the best of Portugal and, if you ask me, the best startups in Portugal are […]

Startup Ship - Startups in Portugal

I woke up one morning with my dog barking and scratching at the bedroom door, which has become a habit of his when he wants to go out for an early walk. I ignored it for a few minutes, unlike my 3rd floor neighbours, and picked up my phone to check my email, Slack, Facebook […]

_MG_7211 just got the big news that they were the winners of the Caixa Capital award on Lisbon Challenge, receiving an investment of 100.000 euros. Stephan Morais, the Executive Director of Caixa Capital, that has previously invested in startups such as Uniplaces, Codacy and Unbabel, announced the winner at Fast Track Lisbon last Friday. It’s […]

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Big news have just reached our port. Portuguese startup, Uniplaces, has raised 24 million dollars, from Atomico and other leading European founders, to transform the global student market. The Lisbon based startup, now sets sail with high hopes, to keep reinventing how students find and book accommodation across the globe. With this in mind, our […]

Web Summit in Lisbon

The crew just got back from a relaxing season at sea to find out that there’s major news shaking the waters of the Portuguese startup scene. The Web Summit 2016 might be held in Lisbon. In other words, Titanic is about to hit our shore… And we, at Startup Ship, want to let the world […]

Building startup community in Lisbon

Karma. What does karma even mean? Well, according to the dictionary it is “the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person’s deeds in the previous incarnation”. Okay, that sounds about right. But how does it relate to startups and why should you care? As […]

Go Youth Conference 2015 Lisbon Rip it up and start again

Go Youth Conference was our harbour for the weekend and great learnings came out of all the talks we listened to. Attracting some of the big fish within the startup world, from top international investors to successful entrepreneurs, Go Youth Conference gathered above all people who had a story to tell. Here’s what we’ve learned […]