He is a man with one big hairy audacious goal who has been sailing through the tough seas of bootstrapping. Gonçalo Fortes, co-founder of Prodsmart, was initially caught by the startup hype built around investments, competitions and awards but quickly realised the need to escape the vanity metrics and go for the real deal. In […]


The Ship has taken a detour from its course and dropped by Microsoft in Lisbon this week for a startup event that brought together the entire Portuguese Startup scene. At Ativar Portugal, the crew has met with many avid sailors who shared bits and pieces of their startup adventures. We ran into Farfetch’s CTO, a […]


Techstars, the leading accelerator from the US is on the hunt for Portuguese startups for their recently launched program in Berlin. For this reason, we have set sail into international waters and spoken to Jens Lapinski, the Managing Director of Techstars Berlin to understand what their expectations are when they hit our shore. Jens Lapinski, is the […]


We all know how important networking and learning from other people’s experiences is when building a startup. So, with this in mind and because it’s not easy to keep up with all the startup events that are taking place in Portugal, we have put together this list with the top startup events happening in March. […]

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Portugal is known for having top tech talent, mostly because of the quality of its universities. Some people are even comparing Portugal to Berlin because of the costs of living and the highly skilled tech talent that startups are currently attracting. No wonder, that many foreign startups are moving to Portugal or just setting up […]

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Rui Pedro Alves, is the man behind RUPEAL and InvoiceXpress. Nominated by Leo Xavier, Rui has his own vision on the Portuguese Startup hype and thinks that people and culture are the most important thing when building a company. We joined him at RUPEAL’s HQ to bring him aboard the Ship and share his adventurous […]


João Romão was definitely a brave sailor aboard the Ship and it was a privilege for the crew to publish his story. Therefore, we couldn’t be more excited to be heading into deep waters and follow the coordinates given to us by João Romão, CEO at GetSocial. For a future pier-to-pier interview, João Romão has […]