Knok Healthcare

Knok Healthcare was founded based on a clear mission: To revolutionise healthcare and centre its focus on doctors and patients. “Knok will connect doctors and patients in a simple and innovative way through our mobile App”, said José Bastos, Knok’s CEO. “The patient downloads the App, inserts his personal details and from that moment on he […]

Burt Helm at Go Youth Conference in Lisbon

­­­ Chatting with Burt Helm we kicked off with a simple statement: “We really love good storytelling and getting to know the person that we talk to”. He answered: “Cool. Great, you guys are like Inc – that’s beautiful. So what can I tell you? What do you want to talk about?” For the last […]

Uni startups

Most people tend to follow the conventional path to a successful life: going to university, first job, and so on. Yet, others abide by their own ideas and opt to start their companies or jump into other challenging endeavours right after, or even during, university. This Logbook article focuses on those who decided to walk […]


Challenged by Vasco Pedro from Unbabel, we met up with Francisco Veloso for a chat about Universities and their roles considering the Portuguese startup ecosystem. We also sailed across other waters concerning the value of university graduation and how to teach how to be an entrepreneur at Uni. Francisco, tell us who you are and […]

Brittany Laughlin. General Manager at USV

Last weekend we met with Brittany Laughlin at the Go Youth Conference in Lisbon. After her amazing talk on Sunday morning we invited Brittany aboard the Ship to chat a bit about non-profits, the venture capital world, rejection and, obviously, about Portugal. From 2007 to 2009, Brittany worked for American Express a “Corporate job in […]

Lisbon startup

Just like we had done at the beginning of March, the time has come for us to produce a list of this month’s top startup events – a month full of opportunities to meet and learn from several talented and successful people. Without further ado, here’s the schedule for the busy month of April: BET24 […]

Captura de ecrã 2015-03-5, às 23.39.52

The Jack-of-all-trades vs. The Expert As far as startups are concerned, there is a lot to discuss around the old question of the balance between two opposite tides: the jack-of-all-trades versus the expert. We can easily find sailors on both sides of this slim and foggy line who advocate different, yet valid, points of view. […]