Nominated by Vasco Pedro from Unbabel, João Romão gives us his insight on the Portuguese scene and shares his experience as a co-founder. From having what he thought to be the next big idea with Wishareit to adapting the technology and creating Get Social, João shares what he learned from his failures and successes. An […]

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Why wouldn’t you, really?! Even if you’ve never thought about it, here’s your chance to find out why Portugal is the place to be if you have a startup. Sure, Portugal’s sunny and it has a really good quality of life – but that’s just stating the obvious, and we’re not here to do that. […]


We got this whole new thing started with Ship, as you can probably tell. With the ultimate goal to shape the Portuguese Startup scene, we are exploring a growing ecosystem and we are letting people be a part of it. Because this Ship welcomes everyone aboard, we have created these pier-to-pier interviews. And what is […]

If your idea’s not good enough, you can easily change and adapt. But if you’re always arguing with your co-founder, you’re just waiting for disaster.

Ricardo Marvão