Knok Healthcare

Knok Healthcare was founded based on a clear mission: To revolutionise healthcare and centre its focus on doctors and patients. “Knok will connect doctors and patients in a simple and innovative way through our mobile App”, said José Bastos, Knok’s CEO. “The patient downloads the App, inserts his personal details and from that moment on he […]

Web Summit 2016

We did it. When we say “we”… that means “you”. Every single person that believed in this campaign, this movement, to bring the Web Summit to our shore. Every single soul out there that tweeted, shared, posted, commented, wrote articles about it, e-mailed Paddy Cosgrave directly telling him you had a spare couch if he […]

Uni startups

Most people tend to follow the conventional path to a successful life: going to university, first job, and so on. Yet, others abide by their own ideas and opt to start their companies or jump into other challenging endeavours right after, or even during, university. This Logbook article focuses on those who decided to walk […]

Your company must have a purpose and your people must believe in it.

Olaf Veerman

From all this experience there was one thing I learned for sure: you need to sell what you don’t have.

Gonçalo Fortes

Lisbon startup

Just like we had done at the beginning of March, the time has come for us to produce a list of this month’s top startup events – a month full of opportunities to meet and learn from several talented and successful people. Without further ado, here’s the schedule for the busy month of April: BET24 […]

For me people and culture are the source of all value.

Rui Alves