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Like we have been doing since the beginning of March here is our monthly startup events round-up for the month of May. Don’t miss these opportunities to meet like minded people and get yourself out there on one of these events. Whether you’re into web development, design or simply “networking” – or as the humans among you might say “mingling”, “meeting new people” or “making friends” – we’ve got you covered.

Lisbon Entrepreneurship Week – Organized by Lisbon’s Municipality, this is a whole week of events to celebrate Lisbon’s European Capital of Entrepreneurship – European Entrepreneur Region 2015. From May 4th to May 10th, it’s a whole week of events throughout the city.

lisbon entrepreneurship week 2015

Pirates on Shore Lisbon – The Pirates on Shore tour brings the spirit of the Pirate Summit ( to 50 cities all across Europe and the Middle East! In Lisbon, it will happen in May 5. Connecting the local startup scene with international investors and mentors, in this event you and your startup have the chance to pitch to investors and qualify to pitch at the 2015 Pirate Summit.

Pirates on Shore Lisbon

Lisbon Challenge MVP Showcase
On the MVP Showcase, the Challengers – the startups going through the Lisbon Challenge accelerator program – will showcase what they’re up to.
On the 8th of May, a jury will vote for the top 3 startups that are able to provide the best presentation in terms of clarity & usability.
And, to celebrate this milestone, Kayvan Nikjou and one of the organizers of Slush, one of the most acclaimed startup conferences in Scandinavia, will be in town to check out the pitches and select the best to go to Challengers, in Barcelona, in June 17 & 18.

Lisbon Challenge Tourism Day
Also from Beta-i’s Lisbon Challenge comes the Lisbon Challenge Tourism Day. On the 22nd of May you will get to know hot startups trying to shape the tourism industry in Portugal and abroad.

lisbon challenge

BET 24 Hours @ Gulbenkian
On the 9th of May, BET (“Bring Entrepreneurs Together” – Católica’s Entrepreneurship Club) will have the second part of their 24 hour event. BET 24 will be 12 hours of great speakers, workshops and the winners of the 4 challenges will be announced to take on more than €12.000 in awards.

bet 24 hours bring entrepreneurs together

By day 21 of this month of May you’re probably already tired of all that work. And as they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And Jane as well, obviously. That’s why you must go and chill with startup people and all other sorts of workaholics. No speakers, no workshops. Just show up, ask for a drink, relax and meet awesome people. Or ignore them. Your call.


There has been a proliferation of tecnical Meetups in Lisbon in the last few months. Here are some of the more promising ones that we think you should take a look at this month:

The local fullstack javascript community has 3 events for you this month: a surprise one, the monthly NodeSchool event where you can go and learn the nuts and bolts of node.js and the yearly NodeSchool International Day local event.

Merge #2 – EngineYard + Elastic
Organized by the SWAT team at RUPEAL this Merge event is going to have 2 awesome speakers from EngineYard and Elastic.

Docker Lisbon – PAZ Hackathon
The local Docker community has organized a PAZ hackathon event. This community is maintained and supported by the awesome folks at and so is PAZ. Take that as a chance to have an inside view on the PAZ platform.

Lisboa WebRTC & TADHack Meetup
These folks want to take Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), a browser-to-browser communication technology and take it to the Global Telecom Application Developer Hackathon (TADHack). Seems cool.

Lisbon Bitcoin
And event to meet, have a beer, socialise and talk about Bitcoin, the Blockchain, the Blockchain Stack and all other sorts of decentralised technology. This one will include a remote talk from Jacob Hansen from Crowdcurity directly from San Francisco, CA.

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  4. Hey Lucie, Just wanted to say THANK YOU for writing these up from Mark. We’ve just been using them in a workshop in the office around branding and well, having them written up like this is just super useful.

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  10. Karen, they didn’t mention others that used it, but I know that Long Island Jewish in NY uses it exclusively for professional development. I will say that I came away from the program with an appreciation for the richness of the data, and for the myriad uses. What always worries me with DiSC or MBTI (or birds) is that because of the time commitment, it gets reduced to a “parlor game” instead of a real opportunity to take various aspects of the business and look at them through the lens of type.Um, you love statistics?


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