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Maria Almeida

Maria Almeida

Currently living in a world powered by the randomness of her own thoughts, Maria has a personal plot to change the world by telling stories.
Former Mother of Bookings at Uniplaces and currently Almighty Duchess of Content at Beta-i.
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Tiago CarlosTiago dos Santos Carlos

Living by a belief that it is not enough to do things right, you must also do the right things. And in the right way.
Former TLA (Three Letter Acronym) at CrowdProcess and Social Media Consultant at Fullsix and Grand Union. Currently Marketing and Sales Executive at Prodsmart.
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Goncalo Ribeirinho

Gonçalo Ribeirinho dos Santos

Born and raised in Lisbon, since 1990 wondering about the origin of all things.
As curious as a cat and a self-proclaimed creative Jedi with a passion for Marketing, Brand Management and Social Media.

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PauloPaulo Gonçalves

Storyteller of few words but many pictures. Passionate about how complex it is to build simple interactions.
Former Experience Design Consultant at Novabase. Currently Front-end Engineer and “the UX guy” at Uniplaces.
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Gonçalo HenriquesGonçalo Henriques

Full stack Developer with a great sense of Design and UI/UX aka gonelf.
Currently working in more projects that he can handle, Movie buff, Legend of Zelda fan boy, game designer on his free time.

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CarrozoMatthew Carrozo

Born in New York, transplanted to Portugal, exiled to London and now back in Lisbon,‘s Head of Marketing loves #longreads, coffee, geopolitics, filmmaking, cycling and mobile industry analysis.

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    I just stumbled on your webiste this afternoon. Good stuff!

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    • This is fascinating, John! I’m with Giovanni… I sense many figures emerging, and many stories being told… But just when I think I can spot one of the figures, several more appear within it… I find the red to be very powerful, in many ways… I look forward to seeing/hearing the outcome!

    • Me encanta ver su blog sobre todo sus trabajos, yo estoy recien empezando a hacer scrapbook ya que estoy con depresion y esto me ha ayudado mucho, los materiales los colores todo tan ludico me encanta me gustaria me aceptaran en mi face para poder contactarme con ustedes para poder tener amigas virtuales con un hobby maravilloso y de esta forma participar en los concursos.Mi nombre es Viviana Jara Gomez soy de Chile. Felicitaciones.

    • Sí, creo que te entiendo y, desde luego, los datos son los datos. O, mejor dicho, cada dato es cada dato. Pero la manera de agruparlos y de interpretarlos es difícil de regular, más allá de establecer metaprocedimientos como los de la ciencia.

    • The genius store called, they’re running out of you.

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