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Just like we had done at the beginning of March, the time has come for us to produce a list of this month’s top startup events – a month full of opportunities to meet and learn from several talented and successful people. Without further ado, here’s the schedule for the busy month of April:

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BET24 is back! This year, the event known for lasting 24 hours is split into two days – the 11th of April, and the 9th of May. Featuring the likes of Vasco Pedro (Unbabel) and Miguel Santo Amaro (Uniplaces), the first day will be focusing on top-notch speakers, who will share their vast experience with those present. Apart from this role of speakers in the panel, there will also be a series of challenges and workshops occurring throughout the day, which will give you a chance to learn from real-life startup scenarios and their respective challenges. The challenges are the following:

Startup 2.0

Restricted to established startups, this challenge serve as a catalyst and will award a €5K investment to the winning project.

Startup 1.0

This challenge is focused on brand new ideas, with the intent to help those who come up with them push their concepts towards reality. Participants will pitch their idea to a jury, who will then award the winner with a €1K investment and a trip to London’s Tech Hub.

Social Media Challenge

Aimed at those of you who are Social Media Gurus, this challenge will get you working in a team, solving a real-life social media problem from an established startup. The prize for the winning team will be a trip to the European Tech Hub.

Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

This one’s for the ones who want to make the world a better place. The challenge will require you to extract the best out of you and your team with the goal of creating an innovative, problem-solving idea from a social entrepreneurship point of view. After pitching your idea to a jury, you’ll be in the run for a €1K investment.

The second half of the event will only be on the 9th of May. At this event, the winners for each of the challenges will be announced.


April marks Monocle’s first conference dedicated to “Quality of Life”. Key thinkers will discuss several issues, ranging from city planning to retail solutions, and their impact on cities. Monocle invites you to participate in a weekend of “great debates and in-depth conversations about the forces shaping the world’s greatest cities”. Join their editors, and our team, on the 17th and 18th of April in Lisbon.

share_fbHosted at LX Factory in Lisbon, the Go Youth Conference will start on the 18th of April and end the following day, on the 19th. Go Youth aims to empower young entrepreneurs and inspire them to achieve great things. Some outstanding speakers will be talking to the crowd and will be available to judge your pitches. Here’s the list of speakers who are currently confirmed:

Or Arbel (co-founder and CEO at Yo); Thom Cummings (Head of New Markets at Soundcloud); Ray Chan (co-founder and CEO at 9GAG); Filipa Neto (co-founder and Managing Director at Chic By Choice); and Matthew O. Brimer (co-founder at General Assembly).

Don’t miss this great opportunity to socialise and learn with some of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs. We’ll be there, and we strongly advise you to get your tickets as soon as possible.



The second edition of Festival IN is happening from the 23rd to the 26th of April in Lisbon. This festival’s concept is called “Network Society” and tries to create a knowledge-sharing environment between companies, startups, artists, schools and universities aiming at better solutions, synergies and innovative ideas. Come and check the best of the Portuguese creative industries and enjoy a networking area, an event lounge and all the exhibition spaces. We’ll be around too, so show up and say hi!


What better than a 24 hour Hackathon to prove your skills? The Lisbon Challenge Hackathon will be on the 24th of April, and will combine external developers, programmers and designers with the Lisbon Challenge startups, aiming to work together and possibly become part of the team.

We hope you get the chance to attend one, or all, of the events. If you do, please keep us posted via twitter so we can meet up. Have a breezy April!!

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