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Knok Healthcare was founded based on a clear mission: To revolutionise healthcare and centre its focus on doctors and patients.

“Knok will connect doctors and patients in a simple and innovative way through our mobile App”, said José Bastos, Knok’s CEO. “The patient downloads the App, inserts his personal details and from that moment on he can contact available doctors nearby and schedule their medical appointment. This appointment will happen at the patients residence and you can also know if the doctor is about to arrive by checking the tracker on the App”.

The official launch of this new product, Knok, happened at Fast Track Lisbon, a Beta-i event that joined more than 300 people, including national and foreign investors, at Mercado da Ribeira, near Cais do Sodré, in Lisbon.

José considers his product unique and “unmatched in Europe”. This mobile app tries to make patient’s life more comfortable and easy. Hospitals are not the most comfortable places to visit with children or elderly people, for example. The long waiting hours and the lack of comfort can have harmful effects to people’s debilitated health. Knock wants to improve the experience of healthcare, provide more comfort, reduce waiting time, or at least allow patients to make use of their waiting time by controlling their own appointments and knowing when the doctor will arrive to their door.

The founders believe this new way of access to healthcare will help both doctors and patients and will make the healthcare system more transparent and personalised than the traditional methods.

Knok counts with a big partner to start with from day 1: CUF, a network of Portuguese healthcare units owned by the José de Mello Saúde Group one of the most innovative players in the healthcare industry with an established reputation built on the quality of their clinical and medical staff, on the access to the latest medical technology, and on care that is human-centered. Just like Knok. This powerful and historical partner, with more than 70 years of experience might also become a great partner for the national expansion counting with several inpatient and outpatient units, in Lisbon, Oeiras, Cascais, Sintra, Mafra, Torres Vedras, Santarém, Matosinhos and Porto.

This new service will be available in Lisbon and Porto from today (4th of December), but Knok intend to expand nationwide soon. The app is compatible with iOS, and the Android version will only be launched in 2016.



Knok Healthcare Bio

Founded: 2015

Incubator: UPTEC

Lisbon Challenge participant.

The Knok team believes it’s fundamental to share relevant health-related information to the users, so they do it through their Facebook page and dedicated Blog. Check out their website for more info, and come to Fast Track Lisbon to meet them and our crew.

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  1. […] Portogallo, a Lisbona, è nato Knok  (“Toc, toc, è il dottore che bussa alla tua porta”) che usa una app simile a quella di Uber, […]

  2. […] Portogallo, a Lisbona, è nato Knok  (“Toc, toc, è il dottore che bussa alla tua porta”) che usa una app simile a quella di Uber, […]

  3. Sou um comercial de raiz desde que me conheço.
    Acho convictamente que a vossa startup é fabulosa mas não chega te-la apenas através da app. Esta mensagem tem que ser apresentada ao consumidor final mas pessoalmente.
    Tem que haver cariz pessoal na apresentação da mesma.
    Fazer acreditar numa coisa que não se vê é muito difícil.
    Quando o cliente acredita estamos no chamado patamar do “easy money ”
    Eu candidato me a ser uma das vossas vozes e a fazer levar esta mensagem bem longe.


    José Carlos Bravo


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