A Ship is a means of transportation.

Over water, from a continent to another, it sends and brings goods and people from one world to the next, connecting distant realities. Above all, it is one of the most historically recognizable ways of trading information and knowledge, of linking cultures and countries that were, at times, considered to be at unsurmountable distances.

The Portuguese are known for their cross-ocean endeavours, for their curiosity about places not yet known or even heard of. There are moments when we believe these were our golden times and that our country’s contribution to the world, our country’s potential ended with the fall of the envisioned and desired Empire. This is not the case and we are here to let you know that we are, today, just as entrepreneurial and ingenious as we were more than 500 years ago.

We might not be trading in spices from Asia as our ancestors were, but we are trading in one of the most valuable commodities of the modern era: information.

Our mission is to shape what is going on in the Portuguese startup ecosystem and ship it your way.

Symbolically, we are sailing the seas of our forefathers before us to get the makers, revolutionaries and adventurers of today a step closer together, from our shore to the world — and vice-versa.

With a crew of committed sailors — sailors have always been known to be the best storytellers — who rely on words and stories, our ship ventures on to unknown waters in search of the connection between our world and yours. Hoping that, together, we can build better startups and ecosystems in a world we insist on discovering and developing.

We are not just a blog.

We are a crew of impassioned content creators with a bit of a saltwater edge.

This is our Ship and these are our stories.

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