Bolt partners

After getting a grant from German big-pharma company Bayer last year, LineHealth, the company formerly known as PharmAssistant, surprised us again. LineHealt announced on their blog that they secured investment from Bolt, a US-based venture capital company. Bolt is a VC firm specialized in startups with products that are at the intersection of software and hardware. Founded in 2013, with […]

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 15.35.17

Big news have just reached our port. Portuguese startup, Uniplaces, has raised 24 million dollars, from Atomico and other leading European founders, to transform the global student market. The Lisbon based startup, now sets sail with high hopes, to keep reinventing how students find and book accommodation across the globe. With this in mind, our […]

Web Summit 2016

We did it. When we say “we”… that means “you”. Every single person that believed in this campaign, this movement, to bring the Web Summit to our shore. Every single soul out there that tweeted, shared, posted, commented, wrote articles about it, e-mailed Paddy Cosgrave directly telling him you had a spare couch if he […]

Web Summit in Lisbon

The crew just got back from a relaxing season at sea to find out that there’s major news shaking the waters of the Portuguese startup scene. The Web Summit 2016 might be held in Lisbon. In other words, Titanic is about to hit our shore… And we, at Startup Ship, want to let the world […]

Burt Helm at Go Youth Conference in Lisbon

­­­ Chatting with Burt Helm we kicked off with a simple statement: “We really love good storytelling and getting to know the person that we talk to”. He answered: “Cool. Great, you guys are like Inc – that’s beautiful. So what can I tell you? What do you want to talk about?” For the last […]

Uni startups

Most people tend to follow the conventional path to a successful life: going to university, first job, and so on. Yet, others abide by their own ideas and opt to start their companies or jump into other challenging endeavours right after, or even during, university. This Logbook article focuses on those who decided to walk […]

lisbon investment summit

This blog post was originally posted in the Lisbon Challenge Blog. Both Lisbon Challenge and LIS – Lisbon Investment Summit – are organized by Beta-i. This post should serve as an how to guide for young sailors that want to get on board a more seasoned  captain’s ship in the upcoming Lisbon Investment Summit in […]