Growth Hacking for Startups in Lisbon

This is a guest post by Casey Armstrong, also known as the Full Stack Marketer. Casey will be in Lisbon in June for the Lisbon Investment Summit and in July he will bring to Lisbon his own workshop on Growth Hacking, with Patrick Vlaskovits.  It’s 7am.  You roll over and grab your iPhone to start checking […]


Challenged by Vasco Pedro from Unbabel, we met up with Francisco Veloso for a chat about Universities and their roles considering the Portuguese startup ecosystem. We also sailed across other waters concerning the value of university graduation and how to teach how to be an entrepreneur at Uni. Francisco, tell us who you are and […]

Building startup community in Lisbon

Karma. What does karma even mean? Well, according to the dictionary it is “the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person’s deeds in the previous incarnation”. Okay, that sounds about right. But how does it relate to startups and why should you care? As […]

Brittany Laughlin. General Manager at USV

Last weekend we met with Brittany Laughlin at the Go Youth Conference in Lisbon. After her amazing talk on Sunday morning we invited Brittany aboard the Ship to chat a bit about non-profits, the venture capital world, rejection and, obviously, about Portugal. From 2007 to 2009, Brittany worked for American Express a “Corporate job in […]

Make your bed

Like we have been doing since the beginning of March here is our monthly startup events round-up for the month of May. Don’t miss these opportunities to meet like minded people and get yourself out there on one of these events. Whether you’re into web development, design or simply “networking” – or as the humans […]

Your company must have a purpose and your people must believe in it.

Olaf Veerman

Olaf Veerman

We asked Leo Xavier to point us in the direction of someone he thought was doing good. He immediately named Olaf Veerman – a Dutch entrepreneur who is in love with Lisbon (or in Lisbon, to be more precise). Olaf is helping NGOs solve hard technical problems in their operations, so that they can tackle […]