João Romão was definitely a brave sailor aboard the Ship and it was a privilege for the crew to publish his story. Therefore, we couldn’t be more excited to be heading into deep waters and follow the coordinates given to us by João Romão, CEO at GetSocial.

For a future pier-to-pier interview, João Romão has nominated: Stephan Morais (Caixa Capital), Anthony Douglas (Hole 19) and Gonçalo Fortes (ProdSmart).

Stephan Morais is the Executive Director at Caixa Capital, a Private Equity and Venture Capital fund company led by the Portuguese Bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos. Caixa Capital currently manages a 750 million euros fund and has invested in some of the top Portuguese startups such as Unbabel, Orankl,  Uniplaces and Codacy. Stephan Morais, is also the current Chairman of the European Venture Fund Investors Network, which holds 27 billion euros from major European Venture Capital firms. He was also appointed as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2010.


Anthony Douglas, is the CEO of Hole 19, a Portuguese startup that has developed a top golfing app. Hole 19, the company he founded by himself has been to Seedcamp in 2013 and the app has had more than 300.000 downloads just with the iOS version. Before starting his own business, Anthony has worked for companies like Sony, Actual Sales and BMW. Anthony Douglas is also quite famous for speaking his mind and being very straight to the point. When João Romão gave us his nominations he challenged the crew, “do you guys want someone explosive?” as we replied yes, he didn’t think twice before nominating Anthony Douglas.


Gonçalo Fortes, is the CEO of ProdSmart, an industrial productivity startup with a web-based core business model. He’s also the founder of Crazydog, a software house and IT consulting and innovation company. Gonçalo is currently working at ProdSmart in order to give real-time analytics of shop-floor production lines for manufacturing companies and job-shops. He describes himself as a non-regular tie guy “because he usually wears ties when other people don’t and doesn’t use them when other guys have to. But whether he is wearing a tie or not, he means business.”


Feeling curious about our next destination? Then, hold on tight as we’ll set sail to discover new stories.

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