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I woke up one morning with my dog barking and scratching at the bedroom door, which has become a habit of his when he wants to go out for an early walk. I ignored it for a few minutes, unlike my 3rd floor neighbours, and picked up my phone to check my email, Slack, Facebook and Twitter, like I always do, with my eyes barely open.

On Facebook there was something I couldn’t really ignore (unlike the dog’s barking, believe it or not), which kept me thinking all day. It was a message from Tiago, one of my co-captains here at Startup Ship, where he wrote:

‘Ship’s website is down. Shall we do something about it or do we let it sink in peace?’

Honestly, I didn’t know what to say. After all the time we’d spent, after all we’d done… From the pier to pier interviews, to the “Bring the Web Summit to Lisbon” movement, which brought the world’s top tech conference to Lisbon, there was just too much at stake for us to let it sink.

But, the truth is, this Ship has become more of a shipwreck. The last article we published was from 10 months ago, the group we created for the Web Summit looks like a haunted harbour, the website was down because I totally forgot to renew the domain, and I won’t even tell you about the interviews we never published because it’s just too embarrassing. Having a side project is a nightmare, I tell you. We couldn’t keep up the pace.

Still, I couldn’t say no to Tiago, I knew that. Two days later, before I could make up my mind, I got another Facebook message. That wasn’t from Tiago though, it was from João Vasconcelos, Secretary of State of Industry. Well, I know you may think it’s unusual for a member of your government to send you a message on Facebook, but, then again, that’s probably because you don’t know João Vasconcelos. In his message he asked:

‘Do you want to bring Ship back for the Web Summit?’

I couldn’t say no, and I didn’t. So, today I’m telling you: we’re picking up all the flotsam and jetsam and we’re holding fast to the wheel of this Ship. We’re going to sail as we have before: to keep going where others won’t.

We’re coming back to honour our mission of shaping what is going on in the Portuguese startup ecosystem and ship it your way. To tell the stories of the makers, revolutionaries and adventurers of today, with a bit of a saltwater edge.

And there has never been a time where the Startup Ship has been needed so badly! Just look at the list of Portuguese speakers at the Web Summit: they’re either football players or politicians. Where are our entrepreneurs? 

Their stories need to be told. If not at Web Summit, let us tell them here! And, like before, we’ll ship it your way.

Welcome aboard. Once again.

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  1. Good to see you afloat again!


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